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Please note that this story is truly fictional and any resemblance to real life characters  are truly coincidental (or a simple nod of respect
to people I have through the years in NJ's running community).   I will continue to post chapters until it is finished.  
The Final Chapter will be creatively called "The Final Chapter".

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Where the Lions Roam
by Al Siuta
Chapter 1                Extreme Running Camp
Introduction            Why I wrote this Book
Chapters  2 & 3       The Morning Run
Chapters  4 -7         Nike Oregon Waffles
Chapters  8-14         A Team is Born! (and the start of some running)
Chapter   15            The Christmas in August 5K
Chapters  16-19       Introducing Kevin and Kathleen
Chapters  20-28       The Truth be Told
These two chapters were emotional to write.  
They pay homage to two people that defined
what a "brother and sister" should be.  I love
them both!
Much More Coming!
Chapters  29-31       ....Released from Their Cages