So you would like to put on a race as a fund raiser for  your favorite charity, but you just don't all
aspects of the event, or simply someone to time the race and provide results....Racing NJ can
help you get to the finish line.

Race Timing and Finish Line Services

Our size and "love for the sport" allows us to charge less than most other “comparable” regional
timing companies while, at the same time, delivering equivalent (if not better!) services. The
“Race timing and finish line management” aspect of Racing NJ's basic timing and promotion
package includes the following services:

  • Prepare database with all race entry information (for all competitors).
  • Time race and record race times for all finishers.
  • Prepare race results reports for Overall Finish and Age Group placing.
  • Supply the race organizers with a .pdf, Word, or Excel spreadsheet printout of the race
    results within 2-3 days of the event.
  • Provide a complete list of entries and mailing information to Race organization.
  • supply and set up all necessary finish line & starting line equipment. (ie,  banners
    (provided by Organization), a clock,  finish line chutes, a “print out” timing machine,
    cones, a bull horn and/or sound system.
  • Supervise/Manage the volunteers supplied by the race organization or charity to man the
    finish line.
  • Provide results boards for viewing results
  • Can provide race announcement and emcee services for pre/post race coordination and
    awards ceremony.
  • Publish the race’s results on on for at least 2 years.

Basic Race Promotion Services

In order to ensure your event (and our event if you choose us) is a success, Racing NJ offers
the following basic "race promotion services" at no extra charge:

  • Advise Race director on race matters by phone or by email (or in person depending on
  • Promote race by distributing applications to other races in the vicinity during the time
    leading up to the event.
  • Publicize the event on the Racing NJ website (and on other sited dedicated to Race
  • Post the race application prepared by the organization, on
  • Assist Race director with USATFNJ sanctioning paperwork (if desired).
  • Assist with race publicity by providing Race organization with names of local running,
    stores, running clubs, websites, and other venues frequented by runners in search of
    race information.
  • Help race director with sourcing of key race materials such as numbers, pins, course
    markers, signs, on;line registration, awards, etc.

Our fee for timing and basic race promotion is customized to each race.  It primarily depends on
travel time, number of races being held as part of the event, the total number of participants,
the length of the race, the number of in person meetings prior to the event, number of clocks
requested,  tables, PA/DJ  system requested, etc.  Just call or email us and we will provide a
quote.   Our prices are never beaten!

If you would like further information and to discuss the event you are planning, please contact
us at      


                    Phone:  973-960-5493

Or drop us a short note using this